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  • What countries are supported?
    We support all countries that can access the Supreme website.
  • What are proxies and do I need them?
    Proxies allow you to checkout under a different IP address from your own. This decreases the chances of you being banned and bandwidth limitations.
  • How fast do I get my bot?
    As soon as you have bought your bot, you will instantly get emailed a download link for the bot.
  • How often is the bot updated?
    Our coder's are always working hard to improve the bot so as soon they see something that can be improved we will roll out automatic updates.
  • What if Supreme change their website?
    If Supreme change their website, our expert term will analyse any issues and fix them as soon as possible.
  • Are there guides available to set up the bot?
    Yes, there is a simple to follow video tutorial on setting up Copbot alongside instructions sent through your order confirmation. (
  • Can I purchase multiple items?
    Yes, you can purchase as many products as you like. Copbot allows you to run an unlimited amount of tasks.
  • Does the bot bypass the captcha?
    Yes, Copbot can bypass the checkout captcha based on your task preferences.
  • Can I run Copbot on multiple computers?
    Copbot is limited to one account per purchase. You are automatically logged out of all devices when you sign in somewhere else.
  • How is Copbot different from other bots?
    We are currently the fastest Supreme bot available on the market. We are investor funded and have top streetwear influencers behind our software. Other bot software have dared the community to show them a better bot and we've done that. Everything is designed, developed and tested in house with an experienced team of developers so you have nothing to worry about.
  • What operating system does Copbot work on?
    Copbot is supported on all major operating systems including Windows, Linux and Mac (OSX).
  • I have a question that is not answered here, how do I get in contact with you?
    You can contact us using Twitter (@officialcopbot) or email us at 

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